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Trip Reports

Anglers to Carderock, January 22, 2018. LF 3.5", ...

Peter Ryan

Air Temperature: 50 - 60 F; Overcast
Water Temperature: 33.5 F
Paddlers: Mark B and Peter Ryan.
Courage level:  Set on low due to water temperature.
Originally slated as an Anglers to Lock 10 trip. Alf scouted the course earlier in the morning and spied an ice shelf below Stubblefield.  He advised against the trip when he reported same to Mark and I.  We decided to exit at Carderock.  We passed that info on to Alf and Gus A, who was to meet us at Lock 10.  
Water was pushier than expected based on the gauge.  Plenty of waterfowl on the river.  We took the traditional routes down Offut and Yellow Falls. A minimal amount of play at both.  As we approached Stubblefield, we decided to take river left and play in the waters near the shore. Afterwards, we exited just below the southernmost Carderock parking lot.  No rolling or swimming. Glad we got out on the river.  Potomac Pizza afterwards.