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THURS 18 July - Casselmans & Staircase
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Interesting occurrence on the Casselman.  Two of us got hit in the head by jumping fish in eddies below the rapids.  Just sitting there in the shade, and a fish jumps up and whacks you in the head.  I reported it first, to much sympathy and concern from my fellow paddlers, "yea, right", but then it happened twice to Jon Hauris, a head shot and a fish to the chest and my story gained credibility. I tried to get a look at the attacker, but she was in a hurry to get away and the only description I can give is . . . . fish like, about 12" long, yellow cast to the fins and tail.  

It was a surprise.  It is disconcerting to think of what this might be like with a bigger version of the same species.  Or individuals that decide to attack in the rapids rather than below them.

Has anyone else experienced this?  Any idea why nature is striking back?
Casselmans @ 2.7 / 900 cfs  for Mark Brenneman
     A half inch of rain overnight brought a lethargic Casselmans River up to a sporting 900 cfs [min: 500] - 6 paddlers:  John Snitzer, Jon Hauris, Cotton, Cindy Rogers, Bruce Campbell, and Mark had a fine time on the water - wished that more folks had come.

Staircase @ 2.6ft by Dave Cooke
 Dave Cooke, OC1, and Paul Mohler, K1, did the Staircase, putting in at Millville, taking out at Brunswick. Paul: Listened to the Blasters on the shuttle, and on the way home!  The Millville gauge was about 2.6 when we put on; air temps 92 F when we took off the river.  But we didn’t feel the heat while on the water.   For those who scoff at the extended paddle to Brunswick, there are three sets of ledges with fun little chutes downstream of the Weverton takeout.   And after you paddle through the third one, your reward is the sight of the bridge at Brunswick in the distance.   Not to mention a MUCH gentler and shorter takeout than any of those that are upstream.
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