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Trip Reports

Lower Antietam Creek - 300 cfs - Sat 27 July
Alford Cooley
by Beth Koller
    Kathleen, Hendrik, and I - River 3.04. Furnace Rapids was fun. The aqueduct is barely passable. New log on the far right. Middle has a narrow and low passage way. Chain saw will be needed. Some new deadfall up stream as well--perhaps because of the big water spike that they got about a week ago. We saw a big snapping turtle--shell over 1 foot long.  I dragged Kathleen out. Her 2nd trip of the year. Hendrik came. The first caller, Dana, was worried about getting back in time to usher at 5:30. We were off by 2:15, then stopped for ice cream at Nutter's, then stopped at the farm stand. I was doing chores in Rockville at 5:30. Many folks were in the Staircase.
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