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Trip Reports

Sunday April 7 at Violettes - 4.3 ft
Alford Cooley
Water still high - but fine day for Wayne, Lisa Laden & Alf.   Alf crossed the "River of Blood" at "Full 170" meaning the number of yards recently awarded by the USCG above Dam #2's lip, which comes in somewhere upstream of the flagpole.  Progressing down the GW Canal, we encountered the Fauquier County Rescue Brigade practicing swift water rescue - , we may see then later on upper Goose Crewek.  We avoided the killer wood obstruction below Jacuzzi Rapid by taking the left channel.  Despite Wayne's having brought a formidable saw, we decided that it was well nigh impossible to cut the twin limbs from a kayak in the center of the rapid.  Best to wait for lower water.
        We transited the river to Blockhouse Point and saw that the partial towpath washout there was still unrepaired after we had called it to the Canal Park's attention.  No water yet in this section of the Canal - despite entreaties.  We are, however, heartened by the refilling of the big Georgetown level, which will allow aquatic return from the Little Falls run - once the Potomac subsides - but will it?
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