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Trip Reports

LAST THURSDAY PADDLE - Anglers to L-10, 16 Nov '17
Alford Cooley
Eleven of us were out on the Potomac - LF at 3.37 ft - water temp 47, though no one tried it.   Sunny, beautiful, eagle and many vultures feasting on something at the Maryland Chute.  Half of us wriggled up the Center Chute while the others admired them.  Surfing at Offutts and Yellow Falls, then a pair of us Access buffs (Alf & John) moseyed down the far left of Stubblefield checking out possible take-outs.  Another deep look at the Lock 10 take-out, with improvements in mind.
     We were - Mark B (TL), John S, Bob M, Miki K, Barb B, Alf, Wayne, Gus, Alf, - - Peter Ryan, Sandy, and Cotton.  River cognoscenti will note that 8 of the Thursday Decemvirs were there (indeed, 9/10 if we may add in Ron Knipling, whom we saw putting in for a solo paddle at Lock 10.
Utterly beautiful & warm day - those of us in dry suits pronounced ourselves woefully overdressed.