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Trip Reports

Little Falls @2.93', Low Tide, October 28
Ross Dence
Attendees: Ross Dence, Josh Falcone, Nathan Williamson, and Tijen.  We met at Lock 5 at 9am and portaged boats to feeder canal.  We paddled up to the gates and played around there for a bit.   We proceeded down z channel and into the river where we encountered 4 other CCA members including Larry L. and Mark B.  Most folks ran Beaver Slide and at Little Falls proper, some folks ran MD side and others ran VA side.  Tijen decided not to run LF and Nathan paddled her kayak down for her.  We pulled out after the last drop and hoofed it back to Lock 5.  At the final drop, we ran into new CCA members David and Liz Bylsma with their two kids Jon and Tim who were paddling up from Fletchers.  In addition to our groups, there were a lot of other paddlers on the river.