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Trip Reports

TH PAD 28 Sep 17 - Little Falls @ 2,7, Mid Tide
Alford Cooley
Mark Brenneman - Thursday Paddlers: 
       We had a good trip. Eight kayakers: me, Jim Long, Mike Baummer, Mike Aronoff, Miki, Gus, Valerie and Sandy (Jim's friend and a LF first timer). We did some surfing on the way down and everyone had a clean line on LF. MIki, Jim and I ran the VA side and the rest did MD.  There was still plenty of water the entire way. 

I'm counting the level as 2.7'. If you look at the gauge this morning, it looks like it was not operating correctly from around 9:15 until 2:45, when yesterday it was showing a sudden drop to 2.65. They've removed the data for that period as of sometime today.