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Trip Reports

Violettes Lock Loop - Sun., 24 Sep '17 LF = 2.77'
Alford Cooley

You guys must not have played much in your section.  I assume all went well. I got back at 11:50 and didn’t see anyone from your half of the trip.  Good things you all didn’t wait for us.


Pretty uneventful until we got to the Jaccuzzi rapids.  I told Nathan, who was in a shredder with his 7 yr. old daughter, I would take the left route which is pretty straightforward.  John then chimed in and said the center route “was the more interesting choice”.  Nathan followed me and no problems.  Barb came through the center chute, dropped down, hit a rock and then petoned onto another rock sideways to the current.  John was still above and got out to free her.  Interesting few minutes with her pinned crosswise.  As John said later, you could never replicate that in 10 tries.  Tim Tilson


 17 on the water in 2 groups - a record.      
Tim - yup, we paddled down the GW canal with no problems or worries. You had suggested that the second tranche would catch up to us to at some point but as I considered the composition of the two groups on the down river paddlers/surfing dawdlers scale, I figured no way would we see you again and so it proved. 7 year old Scott was a champ again and we introduced him to surfing this time around; he flushed out the first a couple of times but maintained composure and, on his 3rd try, no problem, surfing just fine,. As John suggested last week, in two years he'll be paddling better than all of us. A picture perfect paddling day with clear blue skies and the normal population of great blue heron, cormorants and sunning turtles.  Wayne