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Trip Reports

TH PAD - Little Falls @ 2,93', Low Tide
Alford Cooley
Miki had 12 boats in all. All were K-1s.  I spoke at the put-in about Ursy's nasty pin-and-rescue last week on a "nothing" little rock at the end of the Z Channel.  Moral - it can happen on anything - and look out for your buddy.   Went up to transit across the bottom of the rubble dam, then played our way downstream.  Five of us ran the Beaver - Valerie, Mark, Jim Long, Joe Jones, and I.  All made the final left turn.  I'm getting saucy and so skipped the exit and survey routine from the DC shore.  All, incl Jim Long, ran Maryland.  Tide was out.  Dramatis Personae were:  Miki, Wayne, Gus, Mark, Cotton, Mike A., Mikey B, Jim & Joe, Valerie, Bill Branson, and I.