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Trip Reports

Thu Pad - Aug 15 - Little Falls - 3.08 ft
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Marvelous photos by Gary Quam posted on CCA's facebook with additionals by Barb Brown

Level was 3.08.  17 Participants:  Mark Brennemen - ldr, Cindy Rogers (PFD), Bruce Campbell, Ross Dence, Anne Kibler, Jeannine Hagen, Wayne McDaniel, Lisa Laden, Howard, Barb Brown, Alf Cooley, and w/ OCs: Tim Tilson & Larry Lempert.  Put-In Locks 5 & 6, take-out Dalecarlia - using two roller carts for the halt and the ageing.  Beaver Slide by Bruce, Mark, Ross, & Larry.  Gary & Ginny observed the main rapid and took numerous photos of the individual boaters as they ran the "meat."   - Alf 
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