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Trip Reports

Anglers to Lock - Sun, 11 Aug - PIX
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Led by Peter Ryan, we had 19 boaters on an absolutely gorgeous day. Go to CCA's webpage to see some pictures.

by Barb Brown
     I counted 17 - Peter divided us in buddy pairs.  I gave a short mention of the fact that Little Falls, at 3.0 soon, is coming into range.
      Pretty near perfect run - Level - 3.1 ft - temps ca mid 80s - accidents - (one swim at Yellow Falls - two PFDs - Pam (on a first descent along with Michelle) did well - corrected in middle of Yellow Falls to avoid a critical rock - Played in all three rapids - Offutts getting to the end of its shelf life (at 2.8 it's gone.)    8:30 at L-10 - we were all cross-loaded and outta there by 8:27!    But nonethless, there was no room to park in any of the lots at Anglers - but the police were not ticketing along MacArthur.  Paddlers were: Peter, Michelle,  Pam, Gary, Ginny, Mark & Cecily, Gordy, Kathleen, Brendon Backus, Alex Dadok, Paul Engelhart, Laura, Allison Holliday, Barb, Alf, + one other.
    Roads on both ends are washing out.  We need to go after the Park Authority to fix them.   - by Alf 
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