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Lower C&O Canal - Which Section Is Watered? 9/...
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(updated 21 Sept, 2019)  This is a record of levels on Bill Endicott's gauge for Level 4, meaning the reach above Lock 4 in Georgetown up to Lock 5.  20 inches means about half full - sufficient for WW boats returning from a Little Falls run, but a bit problematic for racing sculls.

This is to keep track of what the Park Service is doing, with a view of getting them to inform the CCA of changes they're going to make.  So we don't get skunked and can pass the word on to the paddling public.

2019 - July 29 - 22"    30th-21"    Aug 1st- 21 3/4"    4th-22"  6th - 22.5"
  Aug 24-29th - 18"   
Sept 5th - 18"  11th - 15.5"  18th-10.5"   This appears low - and we are inquiring of the C&O Canal Park about their intentions - and will post here and on Paddle Prattle.

The authorities have a gauge at the 31st St Bridge repair project whose high point is 4 feet.  Since cattails and reeds hinder paddlers from getting there often, readings are far less frequent.    Aug 6 - 2' 8"

As of Aug 29 - Level 5 is empty, Level 6 watered but low - green with algae and many fallen branches in it..

NEW !  As of Aug 23 - Levels 19 and 20 (by Great Falls Tavern) are full.  3 new lock-gate sets on Locks 17, 18, 19.

Pennyfield to Violettes Level - full since beginning of May 2019

Please send newer info to - or post it yourself.

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