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Goose Creek - 790 cfs - Th, 18 April
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Interesting!  I've always wondered how they remove the debris at the dam.  

by Tim Tilson

We had six for a sunny mild day on the Goose with lots of water.  
Level was 793 or thereabouts.


Paddlers were Alf, Wayne, Shelia, Mike Aronoff, Jack Findling and your humble scribe.  Sheila was making a sentimental journey - hadn't been on the creek since the 9/11 close-down.

As we approached the dam we could hear some shouting and then we saw heads in the water with hard hats!!  There was a crew of 8 working to remove the tree debris stuck on the dam.  They had a backhoe to haul in the heavy stuff, but otherwise were just chucking it over the top. More interestingly, the guys did not have safety lines.  They were in dry suits, hard hats and pfds. We talked with the crew chief who seemed unconcerned about any sort of danger in one of them going over the dam.  He said the water they were working in was only 6” deep, but in reality they were often in about waist deep. He thought it would take at least until fall to clear all the debris. Will be interesting to see how fast they progress.

Redbud and slight green leaves starting on the trees - 6 dams en route, 23 turtles sunning themselves along the route, a bunch of Canadas, and some cormorants fishing.

There were a number of folks at the take out as you would expect on a lovely spring day over Spring Break.  Met at Kephart @10:30 - left the put-in at Sycolin Rd @ 2:00.



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