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Thursday paddle - Staircase - April 11
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Two kayakers (Zofia Kosim and Mark Brenneman) and one open-boater (Larry Lempert) had a good spring-day Staircase run on one of three Thursday paddles offered April 11. Level was 3.72 putting in at about 12:30 pm, and 3.71 taking out at about 4:00 pm. Parking spots easily available at Potoma Wayside takeout to leave Mark's truck. No one collecting any fees at the Millville put-in. Very large eagle nest high in a tree on river right, with Mama Eagle's head visible just above the edge of the nest, about halfway along the flatwater stretch above Bull Falls. Great surfing waves below the bridge on river left. Wind (had been forecast to be about 8 mph) from river left and then, at the confluence, coming straight upstream made the paddling a bit of a struggle at times (at least for said open boater). 

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