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Cacapon at Zero - Sat, 6 April 2019
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Zero was the reading on the Rte 127 Bridge as we set shuttle and we took out.  Perfectly adequate - only scraped bottom once.. With Gt Cacapon gauge at 895 cfs, we probably had 300 as we put in.  2 Canoes: Bob Hill (new to our paddles) and Hendrik  and 3 kayaks: J Snitzer, Peter Potter, & Alf. 
      Bob and I got royally lost in downtown Winchester - just off the map in my West Virginia Road Atlas.  Then at the T.O. we met two British motorcyclists on a BMW who were finishing up a 'round the world ride, having started in Ushaia, south of Patagonia.

      The run took us the standard three hours, even with lunch ashore at Chapel Rock.   A couple of turtles basking, some hawks circling over the high cliffs, but nary a leaf on any tree.   On the river by 12:45 - off by 4:00. 
      Nearly lost our big white van to the Mud God at Mr. Sine's put-in at Edwards Run.   However, the same moist ground gave us a beautiful flow over that drizzle-waterfall halfway down on river left.  
       And on the way home, Bob, a Bostonian transplanted to Front Royal, showed us a fine new micro brewery just north of Front Royal, whose product we imbibed with pleasure.
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