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Saturday, November 18 - Anglers to Lock 10, LF 3.3...
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Another nice paddle, very reminiscent of the November 16th outing.  No complaints of cold, even the one swimmer.  Alf gets kudos for coming and being a shuttle bunny for the 3 kayaks despite not paddling.

Group of 5: Tijen, Gordy, Ross D, Dave, and Peter R. Ross and Dave in a 16' Old Town, the rest in kayaks.

Rapids: Offut, Yellow Falls and Stubblefield. 

Swims: 1 on Offut; no issues. 

Playing: Offut and Yellow Falls were at a nice level for playing. All successfully negotiated Yellow Falls using two different routes on the southern side, sneaking behind the red-topped rock to use the upper eddy or just going straight through. Next we played in the northern side of Yellow Falls. 
Other notes: Stubblefield was noticeably calmer despite only .05 lower than Thursday.  Ross provided good advice and beer.
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