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 Today John Snitzer and Alf did a recce run to check out possible improvements to six of the 15 boater access points along the lower Canal.  Starting at Carderock, we looked in at Lock 10, Anglers, Swains, Violettes, and - - - Weverton.  We took pictures and wrote up notes on 9 points.

Carderock - possible take-out below Stubblefield Falls - no good - it's a quarter mile carry to the footbridge, then another 200 yards up to the parking lot.

- upper take-out at the tall rock island - the best - exit by the small wooden footbridge over a gully - quick access to playing field and upper part of parking lot. 

Lock 10 - needs firm-up of river bank - otherwise OK.  Port-a-potty has been removed, but the season continues.

Anglers - Steps between parking lot and the bridge over the Canal need repair, undermined by water running down them.  

Swains Lock - Take-out should be improved with concrete (bottom) and stone steps.  Port-a-potty has been removed, but the season continues.

Violettes Lock - put-in at feeder canal needs steps, rearrangement of stones in the channel to facilitate boat launching.  Port-a-potty in place.  Canal too low level, due to Pennyfiels Lock's being open.

Weverton - checked all three take-out trails - the middle one (on river left of Israel Ck) is best.  short, has minimum grade.  But needs nettles cut out in spring, mid-summer - and two downed trees chopped out.

Much more detail and photos will be given to the C&O NHP with our request for action.

We joined Barb Brown at an evening presentation by NHP Supt Kevin Brandt on an ambitious 3-year plan to rewater the Canal from Violettes Lock down to Georgetown.

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