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Ed Lloyd

Innova Helios 380EX inflatable kayak 1 8

Pat Holobaugh

Bear Vault food storage canister BV-500 1 8

Trish Bunn

Rhino Rack Cross Braces for suv roof rack 1 7

Larry Lubbers

Yakima pickup truck bed racks for sale 1 9

Dave Stockdill

Perception Gyramax C-1 1 17

Dave Stockdill

Dagger Cascade C-1 for sale 1 22

Larry Lubbers

Phoenix Slipper like new fiberlastic construction 1 24

Gale Richards

Gemini IV C-2 & PS Composites Mako Surf Yak 1 30

steve taylor

Payranha Burn Small Size close to new condition... $700 1 29

Dianne Whitaker

Dagger Blast WW Kayak, Spray skirt & Werner Sherpa Paddle for Sale 1 54

Rich Conde

Slasher C1 for sale 1 45

Rich Conde

OC1 and C1 for sale (cheap) 2 66

Adam Bowles

2 white water kayaks w/paddles, helmets and skirts **OPEN TO TRADE** 1 52

Keith Edmondson

17' Kevlar Canoe for Sale 2 305

Keith Edmondson

Dagger Genesis solo boat (ABS hull) 2 149

Lynn Walker

Old Town Penobscot 16' Canoe for Sale 2 110

Alford Cooley

1 Slalom, 1 WW boat, and a C-1 - Bill Carr 1 120

Jim Scott

FS: Dagger Outburst 1 109

Frank Collins

2 Dagger kayaks 1 145

Daniel Bescher

Sotar SL cat and frame, near new condition, complete 1 110