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Potomac Security Zone

636 Comments Posted on Federal Register Website

CCA Comments to Docket Number USCG–2017–0448 

Letter to USCG from Congressional Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

USCG Response to Congressional Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Security Zone; Potomac River, Montgomery County, MD    

US Coast Guard Flyer on Security Zone  

The Paddling Community has Made the News    
Want to know how many times the Potomac has been closed? Check  Trump Golf Count. Search for Potomac.

The Coast Guard has said they will allow paddlers to use the Maryland side of the river.  They have not said anything about allowing us to cross the Potomac above C&O Canal Dam #2 to reach the GW Canal area across from Violette's Lock.  Regardless of what the USGS says, if the language in the regulation is not changed, what they say is legally meaningless.

We can expect to see the U.S. Coast Guard along with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources patrolling the Potomac along the Trump golf course every time he is there.  If you think this will be a rare occurrence, check this list of Trump golf outings since he became president. Trump Golf Count Look for Trump National in Potomac Falls, Virginia.  At last count, it was 13.  Since March.

USCG Proposed Security Zone

CCA Proposed Security Zone