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Wednesday Evening Trips


For the past few decades there has been a regular Wednesday Night Paddle, sponsored by the various local clubs (CCA originally I believe). We usually start around May, (weather and water levels permitting) and continue into September’s early sun downs.

Normally, we do Angler’s to Lock 10 (first lock inside the beltway, Maryland side for you newbies), sometimes the Violette’s Lock loop, and then Little Falls in late summer when the gauge gets below 2.8. We meet at 5:45 PM , preferably a bit earlier (at Lock 10), to consolidate boats, then leave there at 6 PM to put in at Angler’s by 6:30. This is usually a class II+, practiced novice run, ideal for people who have been starting with winter pool sessions. 

You do not have to belong to a club to come, but we will encourage you to join one (Canoe Cruisers AssociationBlue Ridge Voyageurs, Monocacy Canoe Club), or more. You need basic safety skills such as some degree of boat control, ability to wet exit, and a willingness to follow occasional directions. All need to wear PFDs and helmets (open boaters put 'em on in the rapids, please). Boats should have air bags to facilitate recovery. Throw bags, cell phones, flashlights, and whistles are nice. There are usually quite a few experienced boaters willing to teach you some stuff and rescue you (and me) if needed.

I post the plan for each week on the Monocacy Canoe Club message board Paddle Prattle late Tuesday or early Wednesday. I sign as “Mikey B”.

Michael Baummer

If you are new to the Potomac, you will find that most of our paddling access points are on the Maryland side of the river.  This is thanks to the C&O Canal National Park which runs for 184 miles along the Potomac from Georgetown in Washington, DC, to Cumberland, Maryland.  The C&O Canal Association has a list of all the access points with descriptions, coordinates and Google map links. 

Please contact the trip coordinator before heading out for a trip.  The unusual amount of rain we have had, and the resulting high water, have caused many trips to be cancelled or relocated.