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Trip Reports

THU PAD - Needles at 5,000 cfs - 9 Nov 2017 - Bob ...
Alford Cooley
by Bob Maxey
     Needles Section, Potomac River.  AWWA gauge level at Hancock, 6.4 feet.  (Needles 4,970 cfs, Whitehorse 6,270)  Six 
Thursday paddlers ran this river on November 9, 2017.  Since the AWWA recommended upper limit is 6.8 feet, the trip leader suggested the possibility of Antietam Creek.  This suggestion was met not only with a chorus of boos, but also with an absolute refusal to paddle on Antietam Creek.   Kayakers were Mark Brenneman, John Snitzer, Miki Komlosh, Wayne McDaniel, Sandra Ruprecht and me.  I am afraid that there will be nothing but cold water paddling for the next 5 months!