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Sotar SL cat and frame, near new condition, comple...
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This is a fifteen foot Sotar SL whitewater catamaran, with an NRS Sportcat frame, two 10' Carlysle oars, and a 5" NRS barrel pump - 100% of what you need to go boating tomorrow. It also comes with a brand new NRS web floor, oar rights and locks that aren't shown in the picture.  $4,000 OBO - I can't use it, so if you can please make an offer.

Details: This boat is about 4 years old, but has only been used a few times and is in very close to new condition. I bought it for commercial raft trip support on big western rivers - rescuing swimmers, shooting video, etc. It is extremely fast and maneuverable and can climb over the largest waves and out of the biggest holes anyone would attempt. I moved east for work and it's sat in my basement ever since. The Sotar web site will tell you all about the superior design and performance of these craft, and you may have seen them on the Colorado, Salmon, or Rogue rivers. After a bit of practice you'll be able to work with any eastern river under complete control. It breaks down to easily fit in a small car and comes with all of the Sotar accessories - valve wrenches, etc. There is no cleaner complete high performance cat for sale anywhere and this price is several thousand dollars less than it would cost to buy all of the included equipment.  

Boat 2:

I'd always planned to use it solo on the Potomac or Shennandoah at floodstage, the New and Cheat when they're running high, Gauley, etc., but never got around to it. You could take off the seat and use paddles with 2-4 people or carry a few passengers while rowing. It can catch any eddy, and I've used it to catch trout in places where it's dead certain that no other person had ever wet a line.  Your club could use it for trip support, it can carry enough gear to support multiday trips without affecting performance - if you've ever wanted a rubber boat that can maneuver anywhere a kayak can and shred miles-long 25' wavetrains, this one's for you!

This is professional-class gear and will last you for years if you treat it right. 

Cash only, pickup only.  I have lots more pictures, send a message if you'd like them.  Serious buyers who are also CCA or AW members can ask about a nearby test drive.
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