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What the CCA Trips Chairman's Does
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Trips Chair Duties                              19 April 2019

  1. Get Trip Leaders to volunteer actual trips - keep them engaged
  2. Train TLs – in Feb & ongoing - enable them to use the Website
  3. Continue training successor - ??? If you want this job, please call me.
  4. Assure trips every week – assist TLs (sugg which rivers, safety)
  5. Keep website (Trips section) up to date – Train TLs in that*
  6. Send Notice of 10 Days Upcoming Trips to all CCA members each Weds
  7. Follow up, assure that each trip occurred & Trip Reports are posted
  8. Advertise trips program by articles in the Cruiser
  9. Cross-List Trips w/ MCC, BRV, MDCC & post theirs on CCA Calendar
  10. Answer incoming messages on the



*Website Abilities for Trips Chair & TLs - Teach Them How:

Announce a trip on the Calendar – easy

Post a Trip Report - easy

Send out a Call (group trip announcement by email) to Thu Pads, Pick-Ups, etc. - medium

Use the Stream-Finder (water levels & WX guide) – medium

Check if someone is on a Broadcast List - difficult

Add a person to a Broadcast list – difficult
Any suggestions?  Please call - 703 442-7935

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