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The Canoe Cruisers Association of Greater Washington, DC, founded in 1956, has members from Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and other nearby regions. We are a kayak and canoe club whose main purpose is to unite persons interested in paddling the Potomac River Basin and adjacent watersheds.  We teach classes, promote river safety, and participate in river access and watershed conservation efforts.
The History of the CCA


 From tranquil flatwater to raging whitewater, we paddle it all. 

The Security Zone Regulation on closing the Potomac River at Trump's golf course received 636 Comments in support of paddler access to the Potomac River at Violette's Lock and Riley's Lock. 

The Coast Guard has said that they will allow us to paddle along the Maryland shore of the Potomac Security Zone, but without a change in the regulation, we have no legal right of access to the river.

Recently, two paddlers were not allowed to enter the GW Canal.
They were forced to paddle Seneca Breaks, which was very low and required dragging their boats over rocks.

Crossing the Security Zone   Photo by Barbara Brown

Want to know if the Potomac will be closed?
Call the USCG at 410-576-2525.

Want to know how many times the Potomac has been closed?
  Trump Golf Count.

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